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  Drunk Driving Attorney Michigan  

Drunk Driving Attorney

Drunk Driving Troy Michigan

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Drunk Driving Attorney Troy Michigan

Drunk Driving Attorney

Drunk-Driving Collisions

Drunk Driving is NOT an - Accident -

In Michigan in 2013, there were 3,765 vehicle crashes involving alcohol. Out of those crashes, 5,242 individuals were injured and 284 of those individuals did not survive their injuries. As we all know and as the numbers prove, drunk-driving doesn't only affect the drunk driver and, in many cases, it's the innocent victim rather than the drunk driver who sustains the more serious injury.

Despite the increased awareness, as well as the stricter laws and harsher criminal penalties, drunk drivers still pose a daily threat to everyone on the road. Unfortunately, the reality of injuring another person or going to prison does not prevent intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel and putting themselves and others around them at risk.

Drunk-driving collisions are not -accidents- and drunk drivers need to be held accountable for their reckless actions, both criminally and civilly.


Empowering Victims to Become Survivors


The attorneys at Power Chapman understand that lives are changed every day because of drunk-drivers. Whether it's a closed-head injury, herniated spinal disc, whiplash, paraplegia, broken bones, scars, or death, it's an unwarranted injury to an innocent person. We won't let you fall victim to the legal system. We take care of our clients so that they can say they are no longer victims, but survivors.

You Need an Attorney Experienced in Drunk-Driving Collisions

The attorneys at Powers Chapman are specifically experienced in handling drunk-driving collision cases. We fully investigate each matter by hiring expert accident reconstructionists and toxicologists. We also fully explore every avenue for potential fault and financial recovery. We thoroughly investigate each matter to determine the responsibility of the provider of the alcohol. In Michigan, the individual or entity who has supplied alcohol to an underage, drunk-driver may be liable for any injuries caused by the drunk-driver. If a bar or liquor store sold or served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated individual, and that person causes injury to another person in a collision, the bar or liquor store who provided the alcohol may also be liable. Call Powers Chapman to start your investigation today.


Get the Help You Need Today, Call (248) 643-6500


The litigation attorneys at Powers Chapman will go to trial for you. Drunk-driving collision cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means you do not pay an attorney fee unless we recover money for you. Plain and simple - we invest in your case, because we believe in your case. Don't wait - call to speak with an experienced attorney today.

Drunk Driving Attorney

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